Caritas Health Shield, Inc.

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revolutionized the concept of health care services in the country from the date of its establishment in 1995. With its present extensive network of over 107 branch offices supported by no less than 703 hospitals and clinics, manned by more than 9,051 professional medical specialists and practitioners, Caritas Health Shield confidently provides customer-friendly medical services for all its privileged and ever growing number of 574,403 members.

Consistent with our mission of providing the best health care for every Filipino, we continue to offer responsive medical service programs even as we steadfastly serve all our members and the general public in the challenging arena of health management.

Our health care services is the foundation of our institution’s pursuit of social commitment and responsibility, always attuned to the ever-changing needs of the Filipino family. Towards this end, Caritas Health Shield has established subsidiaries which individually and collectively cater to the member’s medical and financial requirements: Caritas Life Insurance, Inc. Clinica Caritas, Caritas Financial Plans, Inc. Botica Caritas, Caritas Family Hospital, Caritas Family College, Caritas Leasing, Caritas Health Shield Foundation, Caritas Properties, Caritas BANCO NG MASA and Caritas Urology Center.

CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD is an active member of the Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines (AHMOPI)

Our Mission

To provide the best health care for Filipino families today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

Families that are assured of the proper health care when they need it.

Our Partners

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